In Mexico she left Puglise at the motel room they'd rented, then picked up Francisco Parades Ordonoz, a Mexican born American, and went with him to a motel, where they registered as man and wife. On March 19, 1960 -- a Saturday afternoon – James, who – his relatives say -- knew she was cheating on him, reportedly told Sharon he would file for divorce the following Monday. Sharon quickly learned that Mexican criminal law does not allow for bail in serious crimes like murder. [78], Pugliese, cleared of the charges against him, was deported to the U.S., but Kinne was convicted on October 18[2] of the homicide of Ordoñez. Note: After all these years, some attention is finally coming to Sharon Kinne. [10] Initial reports and investigation placed Patricia's time of death at approximately 9 p.m. on May 27. [21] A "white, powdery substance"[21] found in Patricia's hair was initially believed to be trace evidence of some other crime scene area—an idea which fueled the search of nearby buildings—but was later determined to be fly eggs. Hays, Chapter I, pp. Kinne was released on bond following the third trial and subsequently traveled to Mexico before a scheduled fourth trial could be held in October 1964. [33], The initial autopsy performed on Patricia was criticized by police and prosecutors, who felt that the recovery of bullets and the testing of stomach contents should have been done. [41], The prosecution rested its case on June 21[42] after calling 27 witnesses. A number of witnesses testified to Sharon’s sex life – that she was a domineering personality, and possessive (by courtney at testsforge). [17] Kinne's attorneys also presented testimony from witnesses supporting the viability of the theory that Danna had shot her father, including statements that guns had been regularly left within her reach at the family home, that she was able to pull the triggers on toy guns with stiffer trigger pulls than the weapon that caused James' death, and that she had often been observed pretending to fire guns in play. After having been in prison, however, Sharon went wild. The couple's marriage license falsely identified Kinne as being 18 and a widow; though she later refused to address the assertion, Kinne told people at the time that she had been married when she lived in Washington, to a man who later died in a car accident. However, since Sharon had already been acquitted of the Patricia Jones murder, under the double jeopardy clause of the Constitution, she could never be retried for that crime. [57] An unusually long jury selection process made the first day of the trial last fourteen hours, beginning at 9 a.m. and not ending until nearly midnight; presiding judge Paul Carver noted that due to the notoriety of the case, he had been forced to choose between sequestering the entire jury pool overnight and forcing the court into a long day. Then, two days later, Jones’ wife disappeared. As a postcript to one letters to Hopkins, Sharon asked Hopkins to go to Sharon’s grandmother’s home, and retrieve the .22-caliber High Standard that the prosecution had been looking for. The last person seen with Patricia Jones was Sharon Kinne. She was freed on $24,000 (worth $188,976 in 2013 dollars) bond on July 18. [2], Patricia never made it to her house that evening, according to her husband. The best bet is that Sharon Kinne found a lonely man with money, and married him. Boldizs and Walter Jones took polygraph tests and passed. [33] Walter was taken into custody on June 2 as a material witness to the case and was freed the same day on $2,000 bond. James resumed his studies at BYU, but put them on hold again at the end of the fall semester. The media, including the Saturday Evening Post, flocked to Mexico to cover Kinne. When the motel manager, Enrique Rueda, refused to open the gate, Sharon shot him.
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