[7] This flower is used for a liqueur of the same name. [4] If a Mayan woman does not follow these cultural expectations, she can be condemned for her actions. [4] The ceiba tree is considered to connect both the heavens and underworld. When Xtabay died, her tomb was surrounded by fragrant scents and flowers, one of which stood out the most: the Xtabentún flower that gave off a sweet smell, as sweet as this woman was in life. Despite her ill treatment, Xkeban tended to the poor, sick, and animals in need. [12] Les Baxter's album Voice of the Xtabay by Peruvian soprano Yma Sumac depicts the lure of the xtabay in her music. [4][7], Several days after Xkeban's death, the townspeople discovered her body surrounded by flowers and being guarded by animals. [7] It has been suggested that Christian colonialists corrupted the original legend by altering the meaning of the ceiba tree from a sacred tree into a place of danger. It has a sweet fragrance and found in hedges, and it was said that flower seeks shelter in the hedges because it is defenseless just as Xkeban felt defenseless when she was a human. [7] Sometimes the women are said to be sisters. Utz-colel became a flower called Tzacam, which grows on top of a spiky cactus and has an unpleasant odor. [10][13] La Malinche was said to have three sons by three different men, and she drowned her three lovers, but now is cursed to look for them along the rivers and called to them endlessly. She waited for them, entwining her long black hair with a piece of Tzacam, seated at the foot of a ceiba tree, sacred to the Maya; attracting those who crossed her path with sweet songs and phrases, only to later finish them off. [4] The myth is used by parents and grandparents to mold their children into never going out into night to drink or cheat on their wives. [7] The entire pueblo gathered for her funeral, and they put flowers around her grave that disappeared the next day. Xtabay will wait under a tree to lure and then throw her victim over a cliff. [3] One of the most accepted versions of the myth comes from the book, Diez Leyendas Mayas (1998), written by Jesus Azcorra Alejos. [4] Xkeban was shamed and humiliated by her community because she did not follow the traditional expectation for woman's behaviour. [4], The legend of Xtabay is part of contemporary Maya culture, as myths influence current beliefs. Email (required) [10], "Notes upon the ethnography of southern Mexico: expedition of 1901", "The influences of some Mexican folklore and beliefs on Mexican life", https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Xtabay&oldid=989828103, Wikipedia articles needing page number citations from August 2020, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 21 November 2020, at 07:43. [10] Variants of the La Llorona legend are told throughout Mexico and because of the La Llorona figure can be pitied and feared at the same time. [7] In Mayan culture, women are encouraged to be modest and abstain from sexual intercourse until marriage. [13] Legends similar to La Llorona include La Malinche and La Xtabay. Esta entrada también está disponible en: As revenge, Utz-Colel returned from eternity imitating the sweetness of her sister, seducing the men and travelers who ventured along the roads of the Mayab at night. [9], Utz-colel haughtily believed that her dead body would smell better than Xkeban's because of her purity, however, her dead body had an unbearable smell. [13] Throughout all of the versions, the La Llorona figure is known as "the white lady" because she wears white. Yucatán Today is the only magazine and website which takes you by the hand to experience the essence of Yucatán. This is one of the exotic dishes of Yucatán. In contrast to Xkeban, Utz-colel was cold-hearted and believed she was superior to those around her, especially those socially below her. [10], In La Xtabay, the symbolism of the human heart is often repeated throughout the myth, as both Xkeban's and Utz-colel's personalities are described based on the type of "heart" they possessed.
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